A small sartori

I was driving home from a meeting I go to on Monday nights.  I drive about an hour to a recovering friend's home, then we take his car and drive about a half hour to the meeting. When I finally get back in my car and begin the journey home I'm often a little tired and I frequently stop and get something sweet, a candy bar or a sweet drink.  Its often a reinforcing experience followed nowadays by some GI distress so I often am ambivalent about stopping and fighting w myself. This particular evening I was listening to the New England Classical music station, 99.5 if you're interested, and they were about to play a Rachmaninoff piano piece featuring Helene Grimaud.  For some reason the thought entered my mind that stopping and eating something and maybe having GI distress of some sort would interfere w listening to this beautiful piece of music played by this beautiful and talented woman. It then came to me that the reason for a regimen of proper, even abstemious diet, coupled w appropriate exercise and physical health, prepares me to hear the music and the message in the music, one of my spiritual connections. I realized that being physically and mentally healthy is important for me to hear all of the possible spiritual messages. Bingo!
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