Altered States of Consciousness Therapy

Attaining altered states of consciousness is described as a basic human motive.  The substance dependent population is distinguished from other populations because they pursue these states destructively by inappropriate use of alcohol and drugs.  Despite a body of literature supporting the benefits or altered states of consciousness, alcohol and drug rehabilitation treatment programs fail to address this motive because of social disapproval, means-ending confusion, and inadequate staff training.  The authors maintain that Alcoholics Anonymous directs its members toward an altered state of consciousness called a spiritual awakening, which replaces the self-destructive pursuits of substance induced "highs."  Failure to address patients' need for alternative methods of achieving altered states of consciousness is presented as part of the reason fro relapse.  An Altered States of Consciousness Therapy (ASCT) program is described that can be used to teach patients to consciously manipulate affect and cognition to achieve new consciousness.

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