Consequences, results, outcomes

Consequences, outcomes, results, that's what really counts.

By following a particular practice -- not drinking or drugging, having a sponsor that I listen to, being a member of an A.A. group, being active with that group, asking for help in the morning and saying thank you in the evening, working the Steps -- I've gotten very good results in my life.

The results are most evident in my subjective experience.  The world and everything in it IS the world and everything in it.  That hasn't changed at all.  My attitude and cognitive frame of reference has changed tremendously.  I accept the world as it is.  I'm not fighting it.  I have a measure of serenity.  There are some places I can make a difference and that's mostly places where I can help someone else by sharing my experience, strength and hope. That's true happiness.

Objectively too, my world is pretty good.  I live in a pretty nice part of one of the best countries in the world. I've got physical health, good relationships, cars, places to live, etc.  I'm a fortunate human being in the material sense.

I believe that these subjective and objective things are consequences of the practices I learned in A.A. in the early days.  This is still my practice today.  I like the results.  I like the outcomes.
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