Dramatic Psychic Rearrangements

Careful reading of the A.A. literature, notably the Big Book, points the reader toward the Twelve Steps the goal of which is to produce a spiritual awakening.  If you read the definition of the spiritual awakening, paragraph three p. 106 12 and 12, you can see that the spiritual awakening refers to a dramatic psychic change that grants the recovering person access to power that allows her to accomplish things that she could not accomplish before based solely on the strength of her conscious self.
All of the early A.A. mentors and advisers, Dr. Silkworth, Dr. Jung, Professor James, support this notion of the need for a dramatic psychic change.  In reading William James' Varieties of Religious Experience and influenced by the Oxford Groups, Bill chose a spiritual path to that psychic rearrangement.  Its a path that works for many.
But just to be clear, psychic rearrangements can occur in a variety of other circumstances and many of these are discussed by James also.  In any case it is the daily preservation of the insights of this psychic rearrangement that really count, that make the difference between getting sober and staying sober.  These insights are best preserved by going to lots of meetings and following the directions of open minded individuals who are succeeding on a daily basis to stay away from a drink or a drug.  
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