If someone else had done to me what I've been doing to myself I would have killed him.

This really captures how strong our denial is.  If someone said to you: I'm going to force you to drink alcohol and take other drugs.  As a result you are going to drop out of school, marry, have a child, physically and mentally abuse your wife, go to jail, and neglect your child, and get divorced.  Then for a few years you are going to become abstinent and rebuild your life.  You'll go to school, develop a great professional life, buy a house and remarry and have kids again.  Then I'm going to force you to resume drinking and taking drugs and blow up that whole situation.  You'll then begin a round of treatment centers and failed attempts to get well.  Eventually, you'll live on the street, sleeping under the proverbial bridge.  You'll eventually get well again through a Salvation Army Program and again rebuild your life.  The I'll force you to resume drinking and drugging and blow up your life again.  No question that you would feel that you had a right to kill that malevolent narrator. 

This is what alcoholism and other forms of addiction do to us.  Really its worse because we are doing this to ourselves and so often can't cut through our own denial.
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