In the telling of our stories we find answers.

A.A. has many tools.  A tool for every nut in the program as the saying goes.  Telling our stories, however, is one of the most powerful of these tools.  When we tell our stories magical things happen.  Somehow in the telling, in the sharing of experience, strength and hope, which we often do to benefit others we realize we are the beneficiaries.  We are the ones who grow.
"Primitive" cultures regard the story telling process as a way to influence and control the world.  There is a responsibility to shape the world by story telling. 
Carl Rogers identified talking openly about ones' self to an uncritical audience as the central variable in positive personal growth and change.  This was based on the notion that their is an inner need or drive to become everything one could become.
In 1963 Al DiMascio my first real mentor, even though I didn't listen well (Sorry Al!), was doing a study in which patients were told they were talking to a psychotherapist behind a screen and that they would obtain the therapists recommendations at the end of a certain number of fifty minutes sessions.  Actually there was a tape recorder behind the screen.  Content analysis of the "story telling" of the patients showed improvement in self understanding and self esteem.  The core idea was that you really don't need the therapist. If you talked about your problems and difficulties you would see solutions yourself.
Tell your story, write your story, as often as you can, its magic.
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