Is it odd or is it God?

I was at a recovery retreat this weekend and I heard a speaker (Fred Holmquist from Hazelden) who was very well versed in Big Book and 12x12 history and content.  His topic was "The Gifts of a Broader Unmanageability, Reflecting a Deeper Powerlessness."  The topic itself of course was provocative and certainly underscores the richer meaning that wach of the Twelve Steps can take on with longer term recovery. But the question remains when something unusual occurs is it just statistically improbable or is there some deeper meaning?
The story of Fred's speaking was that he had accidently sat beside one of the people planning this retreat at a meal at the Bill Wilson House in East Dorset, Vermont.  They seemed to hit it off, and the conference planner was impressed by Fred's presentation, and so he asked him to speak at the subsequent retreat.  So what is that conjunction of two people? Is there something mysterious here? Does this type of thing suggest something MORE? Is it odd or is it God?
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