Something I read in the 24 Hour Book, something about the world being “God’s” thought or intention, reminded me of the concept of isomorphism.  Isomorphism refers to the concept that the qualities and rules of one group or class are the same as the qualities and rules of another and superficially unrelated group.  

Mathematics can be used to describe aspects of the physical world.  In fact, apparently mathematics is the only way to describe many aspects of particle and quantum physics.  Reducing these ideas to words, while helpful to the non-scientist or non-mathematician may be helpful from an explanatory point of view but loses a great deal in the translation.  Further, mathematical relationships apparently may predict aspects of the physical world that are as yet undiscovered or misunderstood.

Mathematics represents an aspect of human thought.  So one might imagine that human thought describes, predicts or anticipates the nature of reality.  An apparently pure mathematical system sometimes has applicability in describing and explaining reality.  Of course this would be quite esoteric as only a few people can “understand” or utilize the math.   Is the correct understanding of this that a product of human cognitive activity that comes to describe and explain the physical world offers some insight into God’s thinking.
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