Keep it simple stupid. (Kiss)

We are so sick when we come to treatment for our alcoholism and other addictions, and we don't even know it.  Often all we have been able to do on a daily basis is drink or drug and that's really keeping it simple.  Now as we try to get better we are often concerned about the myriad details or major issues in our lives.  This slogan reminds us to keep our eye on the ball.  If we can do the simple things which are suggested to give us a day's sobriety, that is enough.

The last thing Dr. Bob Smith, co-founder of A.A., said to Bill Wilson, the other co-founder, was "For God's sake Billy, keep it simple."  Dr. Bob knew that Bill, like many of us, tended to make the simple complex.  This is a simple program for complex people.  Let's keep it that way.
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