Meetings are our medicine.

We must go to meetings regularly.  It is through our experience at meetings that we share our experience, strength and hope as A.A. members.  It is at meetings that we have the opportunity to identify and remember when.  It is at meetings that we experience fellowship and welcome the newcomer.  It is at meetings that we sit up front and listen.  It is at meetings that we distribute our literature and remind ourselves in the repetition of the Preamble what it is we are doing together.

It is often said that meetings are our medicine.  Just as the diabetic must manage her diet and take her insulin, we must not drink and go to meetings.  The diabetic will become ill if s/he fails to take her medicine.  How seriously ill s/he will become varies from person to person.  But it follows as the night the day that the diabetic will become sick again.

So too with us.  There is no more common observation than that of the individual who comes to A.A. and actively practices this simple daily program, and gets well.  Gradually s/he begins to act as if "daily" applies only to newcomers.  The next step is often a drink or a drug and a full blown relapse.

Have you taken your meeting today?
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