On coloring inside the lines

I was listening to a man speak briefly at a discussion meeting.  He was quite an accomplished person, a physician and a leader currently in the field of addiction treatment. He said that all his life he had followed the rules.  He had he said colored inside the lines. Church, school, professional life, relationships w others, he had always more or less done the right thing but had become an alcoholic anyway.  He accepted that and he was at present doing what he needed to do to stay well.  He was following the appropriate medical regimen: following the instructions of A.A.

His presentation reminded me that alcoholism is an illness.  It really doesn't make any difference who you are or how you live.  Certainly some life styles will move you to alcoholism quicker but its really not about anything other than drinking, genetic preparedness, and the neurophysiological environment.  You can't become an alcoholic if you don't drink alcohol.  On the other hand alcohol doesn't care whether you color inside the lines, obey all the rules, or color outside the lines, and obey none of the rules. Just don't drink and you'll be OK.
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