Other people's opinions about me are none of my business.

Relationships, maybe just interactions, with other human beings are fraught with difficulty for the alcoholic.  The "Big Book" says that resentments toward others are one of the core defects of every alcoholic.  The Steps are of course, in part, designed to free us from resentments,but the cognitive behavioral strategy implicit in this statement can be just what you need to keep you from drinking on any given day.  What other people think is really none of my business.  Some people may like us and applaud what we do, that's there privilege and its certainly nice to hear about that.  Other people may have a less favorable view and some for whatever reason may dislike us quite a bit.  In any case there is usually little I can do to control other people's likes and dislikes and maybe its a good time to use that "denial" that I'm so good at and just recognize that fact.  Everyone after all is entitled to their opinion but I don't have to let that opinion own me.
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