People who don't go to A.A. meetings don't hear what ghappens to people who don't go to A.A. meetings.

You don't have to go to too many A.A. or N.A. meetings before you hear a story about the consequences of picking up a drink or a drug.  Often "picking up" leads to another long exploration of life while drinking and or drugging.  The typical question if someone returns to A.A. is, "Did it get any better?"  Even if the question isn't asked directly its what people want to know. But the answer can be discovered by just going to A.A. regularly and listening to the stories about relapse and return to A.A.  It never seems to get better.  It never seems to work out.  Now if you go to A.A. regularly you hear this over and over and so you don't have to try it yourself.  If you stop going to meetings, which is often the beginning of the returnees story, your illness will convince you sooner or later that "a" drink or "a" drug might be OK.  Regular attendance at meetings lets you hear over and over what happens to people who stop going to meetings.  Take your medicine regularly, stay well.
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