This is my spiritual venue.

I was at two meetings in a row where the topic of the place where one's spiritual experiences the church, temple, mosque, ashram, etc take place.  At the first meeting a Jewish psychiatrist long alienated from temple and quite secular when he came to recovery, said that our group was his spiritual home. It was in the room where we meet with the people who comprise the group that he experienced and continued to experience the spiritual.  The following evening a guy raised Catholic, on a commitment, who had been homeless and lived under the proverbial bridge, said essential the same thing.  He said it was on commitments in rooms like this, at his home group's venue, in discussion with others in recovery almost anywhere, that he encountered the spirit.  Some people return to the religious house of worship of their choice and some time of their origin. For many of us our spiritual place is the halls of A.A. or N.A.  Works well for many of us.
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