Y. E. T.

I remember early in my A.A. experience I would say, "That hasn't happened to me."  People would cryptically add "Yet!"  They told me if you put periods in the word Y.E.T. it stands for "You're eligible too."  Eligible for all the things that happen to people who are alcoholic and continue to drink and take other drugs.  They said that there are plenty of "yets" and they are referring to the progression of our illness.

If an alcoholic continues to drink and take other drugs, slowly and apparently inevitably, things happen that s/he was only dimly aware could happen.  And the things are not pleasant.  Have you had a withdrawal seizure yet?  Have you physically injured or killed someone yet?  Have you lost your job or family yet? Have you been in detox. or a treatment program yet?  Have you been in a detox or treatment center multiple times yet?

None of these things or the other terrible consequences of drinking have to happen to us.  As an A.A. friend said to me once, "There are people out there dying for you and me."  I didn't understand her at the time but that is in fact the end result.  Quickly or slowly alcoholics who keep on drinking and drugging die.  I'm thankful that today I understand that.

Recently, a young man I know who was alcoholic completed treatment  a rehabilitation hospital program, went home and picked a drink.  That same day he was killed in an automobile accident.  He died for me, maybe he died for you too.  Today I have not forgotten him nor failed to understand that he died for me.
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